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What are the benefits of community engagement?


When we first got started in the online citizen participation space, we used to travel Australia talking ad nauseam about the benefits of community engagement online. The problem with doing something over and over again is that you forget the information that you are presenting is novel to the listeners. If you are anything like us, you get bored retelling the same stories, anecdotes and arguments, again and again, so you move on to new things. And that is a great shame. Because the arguments remain as compelling as ever five, six, seven years on. Many years ago, during a training session on the banks of the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney, I was reminded that for many people, until you have addressed the, “why?” question, you have absolutely no chance of moving on to the what, how, and what if questions. And so, each time we presented to a new group of people, the very first question we sought to address was why engage online?
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Odp: What are the benefits of community engagement?

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Odp: What are the benefits of community engagement?

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